Events & Product Launches

A PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND WORDS. Our event team understands the importance of a good brand image as a selling point in both the physical and digital market. We endeavor to cater for all the needs of your brand. By articulating strategies and execution, we deliver feasible marketing solutions with well thought-out logistics to create

Branding & Promotional Materials

IF YOU CAN’T TOUCH IT OR SEE IT, THEN IT’S NOT MARKETING Fine Media Limited has been in the business of producing promotional materials for the past eight years. Working with reputable media vendors, we deliver anything and everything promotional; from tear drops, pull-up banners, company uniforms, wristbands, jumpers and many others. Production of high

Digital & Social Media Mgt

YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION Digital channels are as good as first impression in real life. And in business, they are an effective marketing tool for production scalability. But most times organizations forget to constantly check on, update and engage their social media pages and websites as their try to


IT TAKES AN AVERAGE OF ONLY 11 SECONDS TO DECIDE ON A SOFT DRINK PURCHASE WHEN A CONSUMER WALKS INTO AN OUTLET (SOURCE: PCI RIGHT CHOICE ESSA 2000). Merchandising represents an opportunity to sell directly to the shopper through the visual impact of the display. Shoppers buy planned and unplanned purchases. While the planned purchase shoppers

Experiential Marketing

YOU CAN’T TOUCH EXPERIENCE. YOU CAN ONLY FEEL IT Experiential activations communicate on a more personal level, generate a deeper level of emotional engagement and result in better conversion rates for marketing. At Fine Media Limited, we engage with an objective to encourage two-way interactions of their brands within their target audience while promoting direct


WELL THOUGHT DESIGN MAKES FOR BETTER RESULTS Any brand needs a solid strategic approach to execute desirable advertising in the competitive landscape. At Fine Media Limited, we design, define and deliver concrete marketing strategies, with tailored execution that addresses a product’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other relevant elements.