Our agency launched the Taxify boda brand into the market using digital marketing and public relations. We developed a marketing strategy that involved using media and digital channels to address the user capability of the brand’s mobile application for transportation convenience which was then backed by thematic launch event that amplified publicity of the transportation brand on the Ugandan market.

During a rebrand transition, the transportation company run the campaign, “Taxify goes Bolt”. For this campaign Fine Media Limited was able to drive publicity and following with a marketing content plan that included customized infographics as digital content on media sites to increase awareness of the rebranding motion and public relations support to demystify any false communications made about the company activities while communicating the actual objectives of our trusted client.

The rebranding experience was further enhanced by Fine Media Limited with a thematic launch event organized to create more publicity over media channels.

  • Client : Bolt Uganda
  • Campaign : Taxify Goes Bolt
  • Services Offered : Events Management, Communications, Digital and Public Relations Support.